Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scenic Draw Shop: Pencil, Ink and Watercolor

This week's Draw Shops feature a "scenic" theme of this adorable deer and bunny who found one another in the snow. Mr. Will takes students from penciling in the Line of Action, through Inking and finishing up with watercolor pencils and brushes.

Even a beginner will be pleased to find that "I can do it!" Out of these two student examples (done last week), one was drawn by an experienced 10-year-old student; the other by a beginning adult student. (Mr. Will did help out with the ink part, though.)
Register by email by clicking HERE.
Dates and Times this week: Thursday evening 7:00-8:30
Friday evening 7:00-8:30
Cost: $15
All materials are provided for use in class:
pencil, watercolor paper, ink, watercolor pencils & brush     
Ages: Kids 8 and up - Adults too


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