Class Date June 21

Here's what we're up to at Snickerdoodles this week.  Alot of the song titles will be familiar to you "regulars" and newcomers will just have to trust me:  they're super cute songs!  Please note:  With the age group 2-3, some days in class are "better" than others.  So, while there is always a class plan, if the kids are extra quiet, we play an extra learning game during circle time.  If the children feel active, we make time for more dancing and active songs and games.  If they just don't want to, parents and teacher do our best to be flexible and give them space; then, try to involve them in a different activity: remembering always, that children do learn best through play! 

OPENING SONG:  "Get On Board, Little Children"

CRAFT:  Drawing:  ME!  We'll trace each child's body onto a large paper; they get to color in their hair, nose, clothes, etc.!

CIRCLE TIME:  Songs and activites about body parts (Ex: "If You're Happy and You Know It")

PLAYTIME:  Do-It-Ourselves Puppet show

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Past Classes:  


OPENING SONG:  "Get On Board, Little Children"

CRAFT:  Handmade kazoo's

CIRCLE TIME: Listening Skills
Finger Songs and Hand Motions Songs:  "A Little Slippery Fish," "Jack and Jill," "Shake It"

"Old McDonald" with masks and tails

THIS WEEK Class Date May 11

OPENING SONG:  "Get On Board, Little Children"

We'll finish our oatmeal container drums!

Forward And Backwards "5 Elephants" "Five Little Pumpkins"

Finger Songs and Hand Motion Songs "This Old Man" and "Johnny Works With One Hammer"

Listening to familiar nursery rhymes and songs, we'll play with drums, instruments and flags (perhaps we will pull out that parachute again- it's loads of fun!) "Little Arabella" "Five Speckeld Frogs" "Going On A Bear Hunt"

LAST WEEK Class Date: May 4

Make an oatmeal container drum!  (Children will need help to decorate- but not to play it!)

Using our assortment of rhythm instruments, we'll play four beats, look at pictures of notes to tap, and even try out "do, re, mi, fa" on the xylophones.  Song:  "Naughty Kitty Cat"

All preschoolers are just learning this one!  So, we practice standing in a line and taking turns at the piano and xylophone.

Look at pictures of drums, violin and flute Song: "Big Bass Drum"
Puppets/Stuffed Animals Song: Hickety Tickety Bumble Bee (children sing along and name their name at the right time; then, they name the animal they are holding)

Listening to familiar nursery rhymes ("My Little Playmate" "Jack and Jill", etc.) we hold the parachute and toss beanbags.  This is fun time!

Introducing Snickerdoodles:  the best way to improve kids' mood and attitude.  Give your child a super-start in life by teaching her to love and play music at an early age.  Studies have shown that music lessons and appreciation can make a long-lasting impact on people's lives, even to the point of preventing age related problems, such as dementia and crabbiness!

Check out this list of benefits, which researchers have found in the lives of children (and adults) who've had music lessons:

Improves eye-hand coordination
Dramatic stress reduction
Hilarious cracking-up over misheard song lyrics
Gives a sense of direction in life, due to high expectations for oneself
Above average test scores in academics
Ability to solve problems, extending to real-life situations, like what music to download
Enhanced creativity
High scores in self-esteem
Enjoyment found in entertaining and sharing talents with others

The list can and will go on.  No doubt you'll be compiling your own soon after your kid begins the class.  Get a jump on things by joining us this week for an Open House and then each Friday at 10-11 AM.

COST is only $8 per class.  Includes the use of various percussion instruments during class.  Other activities include dance, song, drama, listening and puppets, plus more!  ***If you pay for a whole month at a time, you will also enjoy a 10% discount***

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